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The Walker family has a long tradfition in travelling fairground. This photograph of Thos Thornton is from circa 1950. Photograph: Wes Walker Collection

Tom O'Connor was one of the stars in Bridlington's Spa Summer Show of 1982. In this newspaper cutting, he is trying out Brian Walker's latest attraction, the Wet Bikes. Photograph: Wes Walker

Waxworks work in progress: hand casts taken in 1976.  Photograph: Wes Walker

A5 handbills for the 1986 launch of the White Horse Museum and Waxworks, Whitby. Photograph: Wes Walker

A (very poor) seventies still of the Walkers Tussauds rear exit. Wes Walker says: "This photograph illustrates why we always chose to restore highly characteristic old properties and 'scheduled monuments' - exhibitions in architecturally perfunctory, contemporary premises did not best suit. Very little scope for creating the right atmosphere." Photograph: Wes Walker

Publicity shot of Kenny Baker (who played R2D2 in Star Wars) and Lucia Zarate (the smallest adult midget ever exhibited) pictured in 1980 on Bridlington's Victoria Terraces as publicity for Walkers Tussauds and Time Bandits. Photograph: Wes Walker

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